How to choose the right video production partner?

Author Faiza Zaidi

Whenever I meet or interact with a new client, the first, common and frequently asked questions I receive from them are: “how much does it cost to make a video?” or “how much do you charge for a video?” or “What sort of budgets you work with?”

It’s fairly understandable: a very tempting question for you, to know how much you will need to spend if you wanted a video for your business marketing campaign and also to know if the vendor you are speaking to will provide you a good value for money.

But at the same time it’s important to know price shouldn’t be only factor to determine the right partner for your business.

If you ask a video production company a quote, at an initial query stage, their usual answer will be “it depends” or they may give you a quote or price idea, but it would be unfair on both parties to know how those quotes are justified without actually knowing your brief or problem. They could be over or under-quoting you, without knowing all the details. And this can be an unhealthy way to begin a collaboration.

Why? Well think about it: if you had a severe back pain; it’s a problem and a pain in your life- will you actually ask the price as the first thing to your Chiropractor? No, because your focus mainly be to solve this back problem right?

The same goes for searching for video production company or any purchase you want to make in life.

In order to select the most suitable video production partner, it is best to focus on the following points, before you excite or disappoint yourself by a price quote:

  •  Is a video compulsory for my business, website marketing campaign?
  •  Does the company understand my pain or current situation, and is there a solution they could offer me?
  • Do they understand my business goals or the brief I am sharing with them?
  • Does their expertise and quality of work match my expectations?
  • Are they collaborative and match my company work culture?

And finally the price, does the price justify what I am getting as a value for the money I am spending? If all these factors are satisfying than you have found yourself a potential good match and decided to make the right investment.





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