10 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Video

Author Faiza Zaidi

We have all heard that the best way to succeed is to learn from the experiences of others. So who better to learn from than your competitor who is after the same market share as you? 

Here are 10 things that your competitors’ business videos can teach you.

  1. The Right Keywords to use

YouTube has surpassed expectations to become the second largest search engine in use. This means that your potential clients are most likely searching for information that you can provide on this platform. It is important to monitor the kind of “common sense” keywords your competitors are using to drive traffic their way. You can then tag the videos for your business with words that drive traffic your way.

  1. The trends to follow

Social media today is driven by trends and hash tags. Your ability to piggy back on a trending topic can save you plenty of hustle as you build brand awareness. Look out for the trending hash tags that your competitor is using to share their videos and borrow a leaf, but remember to be cautious since not all trending topics are brand friendly.

  1. Effective video length

The longer your videos are, the more viewers and sales you will lose by the end of it. At 10 minutes, viewership decreases by half. In order to boost video conversion rates, you need to keep your videos short and engaging. Your competitors’ more successful videos can help you gauge the right length to target.

  1. Put a face on it

Most of us are more receptive towards a friendly smiling face than scowling one or even a block of text. Use a smiling or inviting face as your thumbnail to attract viewers. An additional perk that can generate sales with video is sending video follow up emails to potential clients. You client will appreciate the personalised touch.

  1. Staying one step ahead

Your strongest competitors will often indicate the changes in the market. Keep tabs on the changes in their video content marketing. You will be able to predict the curve and adjust your strategy accordingly. This way your competitor will not take over your market share.

  1. The importance of how to videos

No matter what your product is, videos showing people using it and how to use it are crucial. If you do an informal survey you will find that the bulk of your contacts do not read manuals. Nobody has time for pages and pages of text. Hook your leads with a quick 30 second to 1 minute video on how your product or service works.

  1. The mistakes to avoid

Every year there are tons of video advertisements that are banned or cause public outcry. Make a study of the videos your competitors have put out that were poorly received and be sure to avoid their mistakes.

  1. Cut the Jargon

The most iconic brand slogans of all time have been simple and straight forward. Think of “Just do it!” and apply the same clarity and simplicity to how you script your videos and the text employed. Complex jargon will only discourage leads.

  1. Build trust

One of the key aspects of generating leads with video content is getting the client to trust you. This means that your content should come from verified sources, put out professionally done videos and be transparent and accessible.

  1. Remove distractions

Make sure that your video sends one complete and concise message. Avoid the temptation of having too many pop up links that take the viewer away from the page. Distraction can even be small things such as annoying music, poor quality audio or a cluttered frame.




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