8 signs you should invest in video

Author Faiza Zaidi

As a business owner or a brand marketeer, we already know that video is the most effective way to engage and educate our customers about our product and services.

However knowing this fact is one thing but when it comes to investing in a video, we always tend to research, plan and figure when is the right time to do so. Sometimes we are wondering if video is even the right strategy for marketing our business.

Well here are some obvious signs that should help you to know that time has come for investing in a video.

Sign #1 You Want To Boost Conversion Rates

Having a landing page video not only encourages your visitors to stay a little longer, but also boosts the message of your brand in a more simplified manner.


Sign #2 You Want To Generate More Leads Into The Business.

A call to action with your video can than help you capture those visitors as leads.

Sign #3 Boost Business Sales

If customers can view your product and services, they are more likely to buy from you.

Sign #4 Your Product Requires A Visual Demo

It always helps to know how it all works before the customer thinks of purchasing it.

Sign #5 You Are Revising Your Social Amplification Strategy

A fun and relevant video can help you boost those social shares and build engagement for your audience.

Sign #6 You Are Looking To Raise Investment For Your Business.

Be it crowd-funding, or internal pitch, a video can help send that message to you potential investors in a more effective way.

Sign #7 You Want To Build Brand Credibility & Trust.

We need to earn the trust of our consumers and telling compelling stories can help us build that connection and trust with our customers.

Sign #8 Your Business Website Is Not Ranking High On Google Search.

YouTube is second largest search engine and is owned by Google; hosting a video on a YouTube channel will push your website traffic 53x more than text based content.

And if all these signs are not enough, then do think about the fact that video is 1200% more likely to be shared and watched on social channels and mobile devices than a text based content. 


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